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jimmysaint tribute

2008-06-19 20:57:49 by jacksonaceops5432

jimmy this is a pic i took of ur flash game on ng hope u like it

i call it 'hanks gang'!

jimmysaint tribute


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2008-06-19 21:02:44

haha nice. I was just the tester though :P

jacksonaceops5432 responds:

lol dude =P


2008-06-20 21:53:23

Hey, mah Juggalo!
Cast you're vote on the Clubs Theme on my Page now!
You're vote will INSTANTLY be found and RECOGNIZED! ^_^

jacksonaceops5432 responds:

yo i got it!


2008-06-22 02:09:56

oh hey! lol idk if u remember leavein me a comment but yea u did XD sure i'll b ur friend! -waves-

jacksonaceops5432 responds:



2008-06-22 13:14:01

hey thanks for adding me to your favorite authors list! you are the only one... I'll have to add you if you make a flash

jacksonaceops5432 responds:

i would but i dont know how because idk of any progream 2 make a flash i only have pivote =*(